• We have been providing tooling solutions to various foundries for the last 15 years.
  • Our years of expertise, experience and dedication to excel has made us the prominent supplier of foundry tooling’s.
  • We believe in innovation and a customer centric approach. Our products are a combination of quality, reliability and experience in this field. We collaborate with our clients to understand their needs to deliver insightful and credible solutions.
  • We believe this human connection and touch in our processes makes us stand out and deliver quality output that exceeds client expectations and gives us a competitive edge.

Core purpose

  • To play a vital role in making the tools ‘fist Time Right’ and reduce development time of customers

Our Mission

  • To become the most preferable vendor for tooling development in terms of Quality, Delivery Time ad ‘First Time Approach

Core values

  • Service to the customer above everything else.
  • Modernization of equipment’s and processes and training of all employees to suit industry standards
  • Open communications with internal and external stake holders
  • Merit based opportunity to all team members

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